Unusual Animals are our passion

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We specialise in the unusual, rare and difficult to find animals. All ethically sourced with full CITES papers where required. Where they come from is as important to us as where they are going.

What we do

We source the unusual and rare animals for private collectors and zoos from breeders and suppliers right across the globe. There is no obligation to commit to us when you make an enquiry. When we have managed to source the new animal for your collection, we will let you know a fixed price and timescale before you need to commit.



There are a number of mammals that we are able to source that live well in captivity in suitable accommodation. 

There are many mammals that require our help as their numbers are struggling in the wild. 



We can source a huge variety captive bred birds, all with full CITES paperwork from proven breeders. 

We have even sourced a group of African Penguins for a client this year.


From totally unique paradox Royal Pythons, an Albino Fly River turtle or an adult group of Aldabra Tortoises, we have sourced some amazing reptiles for our customers.

I loved the Aldabra tortoises so much that I even sourced two for myself!



As owners of one of the largest fish farms in the UK, fish is where it all began.

Whether you are looking for a platimun arowana, a  metre long show winning Koi or a Phase 3 Pleco, if we cannot source it, noone can.


Ethically Sourced

It is exceptionally important to us that the supply of exotic and rare animals is carried out in a way that does no harm to wild populations whilst satisfying the needs of our customers. All of our suppliers are properly vetted and all CITES requirements and import restrictions will be fully adhered to at all times.

We will not compromise on this.

Animals come first

It isn't only important where we source our animals from. It is as equally important to us where our animals are going. We will always need reassurance that our customers are in a position to care for these amazing animals in a suitable way. We are here to help, advise and also design any animal homes where required.

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